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William Heck
Managing Director

Meinrad LP
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Meet Meinrad

William Heck, Managing Director

As an expert in the hospitality business for over 35 years, Bill Heck has both managed hotels and co-founded and operated two hotel management companies before starting Meinrad. Bill manages the company, works with clients to develop marketing strategies, oversees the development of clients' long-term research plans, and develops new clients. He continues to meet with leading members of the hospitality industry to understand refinements in the needs of hotels and their management companies.

Prior to starting Meinrad in 1990 Bill was executive vice-president and a principal in Hotels of Distinction, a management company, and Resorts of Distinction, an owner-operator company, whose portfolios included hotels in six states, Canada and the Bahamas. He managed the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, now Fairmont, for 17 years and was general manager. Before that, Bill spent six years with ITT Sheraton with management and marketing responsibilities in Boston, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Chicago.

Bill co-authored with Dr. Robert Woods and Dr. Michael Sciarini a significant research project on behalf of the lodging industry, "Turnover and Diversity in the Lodging Industry," published in 1998 by the American Hotel Foundation. Bill taught in the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University in 1982/3, served as the chairman of its advisory board for three years and continues to serve on the board. He co-authored with Dr. Margaret Shaw the treatise, "Managing Demand and Adjusting Inventory: Pricing Strategies in the Hotel Industry," published in 1989. Bill earned a B.A. from The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University and served as a member of its alumni executive board.

Shaun McMorrow, Director of Account Management

Shaun works directly with client companies to define information needs, tailor research inquiries, and design information structures to enhance clients' sales and marketing strategies. As a manager of Meinrad's information systems and the staff member who works directly with clients on a day-to-day basis, Shaun combines a keen understanding of marketplace dynamics and systematic information development with the execution of strategies and tactics. Shaun has helped develop Meinrad's current database system and he is directly responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and execution of all data systems.

Shaun came to Meinrad in 1993 as a research associate. He then advanced to research team leader, senior research analyst, and director of research wherein he managed the research process for four years. He routinely designed and coordinated research projects. Shaun is ideally suited to direct deep research into hotel companies. His extensive profiling of hotel chains and management companies enable Meinrad's clients to market their products and services most effectively to hospitality industry decision-makers.

Prior to joining Meinrad, Shaun forged an expertise in the research process when he worked in government documentation research and through a marketing internship with International Data Corporation. Shaun earned a B.S. in marketing from the University of Rhode Island.

The Name Meinrad and Our Motto

St. Meinrad is the Martyr of Hospitality. After founding the Benedictine abbey of Einsiedeln in Switzerland which has kept an unbroken continuity since Carolingian times (AD 780-900), Meinrad settled as a hermit at Einsiedeln, where he was murdered by two ruffians to whom he had given hospitality in AD 861. As a Benedictine monk, Meinrad was required by the Rule of St. Benedict to provide hospitality to those who ask for hospitality.

In 1854, the Benedictine tradition came to the Midwest when the Swiss Abbey sent two monks to Indiana to start a new foundation. The new monastery blossomed into an archabbey and a school of theology, college and high school. Today, the monastery of St. Meinrad is a thriving community of about 100 monks who pray, work and live in community. The School of Theology provides priesthood formation and programs for permanent deacons, lay degrees and youth leadership.

With the above in mind, Bill Heck, who attended high school at St. Meinrad, was influenced by the story of the Martyr of Hospitality and the hospitality rule of St. Benedict. When Heck started this hospitality consulting firm, he decided to name it "Meinrad" with the motto, We will serve our clients, even if it kills us!

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