Hotel Industry Database Marketing Solutions - Integrating Data, Analysis, Strategy, Tactics, and Field Executions


William Heck
Managing Director

Meinrad LP
PO Box 171
Waban, MA 02468


Our Background

Information-Based Marketing to the Hotel Industry

With more than 50,000 hotels and management companies in the United States and Canada, disciplined database marketing is the key to success in this national market. Using our proprietary database, we precisely isolate every hotel that is practical for your specific products and services. We focus your resources on the accounts that are important to your success, and progressively qualify all of your market opportunity. Our process supports direct sales, distributors, dealers or combinations of representation and distribution. At the end of the day, it's all about successfully managing your sales process in this very competitive and complex marketplace.

The bridge between account-based information and its application in the selling process

Meinrad helps clients develop direct-marketing strategies and campaigns; select and classify hotel and company prospects; document, package and manage essential account qualification information; and, when appropriate, directly manage elements of promotions, campaigns or the sales process. Our discipline is database marketing. Our work products are market definition, prospect identification, account qualification, lead development, and campaign and sales management. We support direct marketing tools, including telemarketing, telesales, direct mail, and broadcast fax.

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